Midrash Manipulation

An interesting read.
I’ve never investigated this personally.

Peaceful Polemics

an open letter to Mr. Prasch and Pastor Marco (with enhancements for the reader)

“Andas for you,the anointingyou receivedfromHimremainsinyou,and you donotneedanyoneto teachyou.

— 1 John 2:27

” In regard to your use of “midrash” Jacob, You have clearly substitutedMIDRASH (the “searching” of men) for “revealing” of the Holy Spirit. This is evidenced by your misconception of the use of“ereunao”(which you assume this to mean Midrash in the New Testament) in John 5:39 of which Jesus tells the Pharisees their “deep searching” (or Midrash) is useless because they do not know God’s voice. (ironically you use this as an example of what Midrash is which speaks volumes to your own blindness just as they were blind). In other words, the “mystical or hidden meaning” and the “deep searching” of the intellectual Rabbis blinded them…

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Watchmen. Sound the Alarm; Communicate Truth. Warning and teaching churches about the cults - how to identify them and reach their followers. Warning and teaching how occult practices are entering the church - how to identify and avoid them. Pointing to God, His Son Jesus Christ and The Word - His sheep KNOW and hear His Voice - and are obedient. Doing all - in and for - the love of Christ and His Body.

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